Wilderness Immersion


Re-Discovering our sacred belonging


Wilderness Immersion

We at SEEDS believe that the first step of collectively transitioning from an industrial-growth society to a life-sustaining world is the ecocentric maturation of individuals and localized communities. Whereas our current industrial-growth society is based upon the story of separation, which feeds beliefs of egocentrism, scarcity, competition, and individualism, the new collective story of a life-sustaining world that is pulling us forward is based upon values of ecocentrism, abundance, collaboration, and inter-belonging. We believe that as individuals develop and live by ecocentric values, which honors all life forms’ inherent value and worth within the larger living system regardless of their usefulness for humans, they will inevitably orient themselves toward taking on a role that supports the protection, honoring, and cultivation of life-sustaining ideologies and practices within their particular bioregion and human community.

We have found that immersion in wild places and rites-of-passage ceremonies are some of the most effective ways to support meaningful ecocentric development for individuals and communities. Simply put, spending intentional time in nature allows modern humans to down-regulate our nervous systems and attune our values to the rhythms and cycles of universal natural laws. These natural laws can be observed in the complex harmonious interplay of components within all healthy ecosystems, as well as in the regulating ebbs and flows of the earth’s continual rhythms and cycles across deep time. As the most effective teacher of ecocentrism, wild nature has a pivotal role to play within our work at SEEDS as the foundational teacher and container for real and long-lasting healing and wholing to take place.

Interested In a Wilderness Immersion?

We offer custom tailored wilderness immersion ceremonies based on your current life stage, transition, and soulcentered needs.

Contact us at Info@jointheseeds.com to discuss more fully.

One of the most foundational lessons that wild nature can provide to humans at this time is the reminder that we are in fact wild nature ourselves. When we spend time immersed in the natural world, we have the opportunity to reconnect to our own wild wisdom, heightened sensitivity and perception, and innate intuitive knowing. This somatic felt reminder serves as a profound opportunity for us to heal our own internalized experience of the story of separation as it lives within each of us. By remembering the truth that humans are not, in fact, separate from the earth but are in fact made of and arise from the earth herself (our bones are comprised of the same carbon found in her trees; our blood is made of the same water of her rivers), we are able to take an enormous step in fueling a new ecocentric story that has the potential to grow a newfound experience of personal wholing as well as collective evolution. When we return to the earth, we give ourselves the visceral reminder of our own ancient creation story, which is necessary to hold in mind, heart, and body as we navigate through the great forgetting of our times into a new way of being in relationship with ourselves, each other, and the earth herself.

Our Approach & Relevant Training Background:

Inspired by our personal experiences of being dramatically and irreversibly transformed by experiences of intentional immersion in wild places, we recently took the step of becoming Wilderness Soul Guides through the School of Lost Borders’s Vision Fast Training Program. We sought out this training opportunity so that we could begin to offer wilderness immersion and earth-based rites-of-passage practices to our human brothers and sisters who are also feeling the call to return home to the more-than-human community. This deep call home to the earth (and ourselves) comes in various forms and different times for all of us, but we’ve observed that when it does appear it seems to announce itself with similar qualities for many of us, such as a deep ache or yearning in our chest, a feeling of overwhelming grief or loss for something that may feel unknown yet painfully absent, a searing sense of homesickness or aloneness even when surrounded by others or a prolonged apathy or depression whose cause is undiscernable. 

We at SEEDS believe that this internal call is our own soul reminding us gently but persistently that a different way of being, one in which we have a sense of home and true belonging on all levels of experience (i.e. with ourselves, the earth, and one another) is not only possible but is the way of the future pulling us forward into the next chapter of our collective story.  This new collective story of membership within a life-sustaining world whispers of the possibility of all humans being supported in bringing forward their soul gifts as an offering to their people in order to meet a unique niche within their human and more-than-human communities to sustain life and live harmoniously across deep time. In order to encounter these unique soul gifts, immersion in nature serves as an invaluable practice to discover deeper knowing of ourselves within the web of life that surrounds, sustains us, and lives through us, just as it did our ancestors and as it will our future ones if we are able to move into a relationship with the earth that can sustain life over time for the future generations. 

We are excited to begin offering wilderness immersion experiences to our people! Please contact us today if you or your community is ready to take the next step in honoring the call of your soul for deeper meaning and larger purpose. 



This moment in time, that we have created for ourselves, is necessitating human collaboration on a global scale never seen before, a rapid collective re-valuation/maturation/phase-shift that will have to have the capacity to bridge the divide between even the most hostile of identities. 

- Hayden Shaw (SEEDS Co-founder)

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