Join us in the Sacred Valley of Peru for an enriching conversation with Carolina Putnam, a cultural liaison, bridge-builder, and visionary organizer. In this conversation, Carolina shares about how her personal path has been marked by synchronicity and symbolism (such as her first encounter in ceremony with her maestro, Juan Gabriel Apaza Lonasco, on 1/11/11), as well as the subsequent beauty and challenges that have arisen from that first encounter. For the past seven years, Carolina has lived in the Sacred Valley of Peru learning how to walk a middle path between ancestral wisdom and modern innovation.

In order to more fully walk this middle path, Carolina founded the Peruvian nonprofit, Reviveolution, which strives to create a bridge between cultural paradigms in order to support individuals and communities in healing and purposeful living. Through Reviveolution’s inspired mission and offerings, Carolina has worked alongside her maestro to share experiential education in courses, retreats, and ceremony in the Sacred Valley and around the world.

This is a far-reaching conversation that ranges from topics of intercultural exchange to permaculture, from individual transformation to collective healing. We hope you’ll join us!


Want to Learn More?

– You can check out more of the inspiring work that Carolina is creating through Reviveolution at

– Thanks to Parra for Cuva for the use of the song “Paspatou.” You can check out more of his visionary sound at

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