“The oak sleeps in the acorn. The bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul, a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seeds of reality.” (Napoleon Hill)

You are a living bridge between the worlds of vision and form. You’re endowed with the capacity to both imagine future possibilities and tend to the life-giving conditions necessary to support such visions to grow into material form.

You are needed here. In your dreaming and your waking. In the full depths and wildest expanses of your imagination and also in your embodied knowledge and versatile skills. Your visions are the fertile ground upon which all emergent worlds can be born, and your hands are the extraordinary tools forged through billions of years of evolution designed to help you build such worlds into time and place.

Translating vision into form is an exquisitely humbling pursuit. So much is lost in the liminal landscape between our grandest imaginings and our embodied reality. And yet, this place between thought and deed is precisely where the meaning resides. It is the place where we become fully human. For in endlessly striving to shape with our hands what we glimpse with our minds, we remember the earthly nature of this spiritual experience of being human. We are formed and informed by a timeless love-affair between spirit and earth. We are the children of creation; a breathing constellation of equal parts visionary potential and earthly matter. To honor this divine union of spirit and matter that birthed us into time, we humans have an innate impulse to offer material impact on the world around us infused with the visionary import of our higher minds.

It is in the spaces betwixt and between the words of vision and form – the fragile unhatched egg, the dormant potential of the sleeping seed, the soul’s mythopoetic identity not yet lived – where we encounter ourselves as fully human. These are the sacred, rich places where we have the chance to remember ourselves as co-creators of life participating in the unfolding story of the universe through bringing our visions into physical reality.

As humans, we’ve been invited into the sacred role of becoming conscious agents of the earth’s own evolutionary impulse toward life-sustaining and life-enhancing conditions for all. We are life, awakened to itself, inside itself, here to serve and further the possibility of life into the future. In this way, the continual process of repairing the harm that has been done and creating the life-giving conditions necessary to protect and guide life into continued expression and radiance over time is our human way of translating vision into conscious form in service to the continued unfoldment of life itself into the future.

And so in these dark and uncertain collective human times, may we have the audacity to ignite our imagination and water our latent dreams. May we trust that it is in tending these unspoken and unseen realms of possibility that we wake up to ourselves as stewards of a more beautiful world into the future. It is in this exquisitely humbling task of planting our most precious seeds of longing into the ground and then tending them with the ferocious sincerity of one who deeply cares that we are able to encounter ourselves as fully human – a living bridge between vision and form, here to take part in the family of things through using our incarnate bodies and conscious minds in service of bringing into being all that we know is possible.

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