Astrology is one of the many ancient practices that can help modern humans come into deeper alignment with the cycles of nature. When we align ourselves with these larger cycles, we experience greater harmony, coherence, and support for our individual journey of healing and empowerment. After experiencing the benefits of growing our awareness and alignment with the larger astrological landscape in our own personal lives, we’ve begun offering these insights to others who feel drawn to this way of collectively making sense and growing meaning.

In this video we explore the nature of the Virgo Full Moon on February 27th, 2021, which invites us into deeper embodiment and commitment to the spiritual truths that may be revealing themselves to us. Just as a seed begins to quicken under the winter soil, so too, does the seed of our deepest knowing begin to quicken and strive toward fuller actualization within the container and conditions of our own lives. Now is a ripe time for us to feel into what intuitive knowing is striving to be brought to the conscious light of this full moon’s illumination.

If this video resonates with you, check out our project at for a deeper dive into the mission and vision that sources our work. And if you have a particular interest in astrology, we’ve begun offering personal astrology readings to support individuals along their unfolding paths, which you can book online through our website. Take good care!

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