We are excited to launch our first video series entitled Soulcentric Development: Finding The “Truth At The Center Of The Image You Were Born With.” This is an ambitious project that strives to shed light on the all-important and all-encompassing topic of individual and collective soulcentric development. Unfortunately, most individuals within the western world have been led to follow an egocentric path of personal development that places utmost importance on one’s social acceptance, status in society, material wealth, and sexual identity. Placing value on these aspects of egocentric personal development ultimately leads to a society marked by conformity, isolation, ageism, consumerism, competition, and egotism – all forces that are fundamentally eroding the natural world, connection to soul, collaborative communities, unconditional love, and true belonging.

Ego development and social acceptance are important developmental tasks of our childhood and early adolescent years, which typically extend through our late teens or early twenties. In this developmental stage, we are meant to find an identity within our social groups that helps us feel confident as individuals within society as well as within the more than human world. This serves the vital purpose of developing a healthy ego that will be capable of going through the intense, dark, magical, and mysterious descent to soul where we dissolve the ego-self we built based upon how others view us, in pursuit of beginning to uncover our own unique “truth at the center of the image you were born with.”  This unique soul image whispers of the gifts that only we can share with the world because they arise out of the particular niche that is uniquely ours to fill while simultaneously being entirely collaborative and collectively supportive for the entire human and more than human ecosystems to which we belong. Sadly, what we see today is collective stagnation in our soulcentric evolution, as seen in the majority of individuals getting stuck in what Bill Plotkin has titled Stage 3: Early Adolescence, which results in a patho-adolescent society that is marked by pervasive individualism, consumerism, competition, and ultimately acts of pathological self-destruction toward ourselves and our natural world.

There are 8 stages of holistic soul-centric development that when moved through individually and collectively create a beautifully balanced world of purpose, belonging, and ecocentric evolution that is fundamental to the ultimate vision of the world we know is possible here at SEEDS. We must collectively move from egocentrism to ecocentrism if we wish to have any hope of change towards a more holistic and beautiful way of being and belonging within our human and more than human communities. We see the individual soul-knowing as the guiding light back/forward to the ecocentric world we know is possible. Because of this, we must each do the internal soul-developmental work in order to become whole and initiated adults capable of “living from the gift,” addressing the urgent challenges posed by ecological destruction, creating collaborative and egalitarian communities, and unconditionally loving and celebrating life in all forms. This series is our attempt to share the guides, tools, and practices that can assist us all along this journey. We hope to have you join us on this adventure!

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