Let the sunlight touch your shadows
and the wind move through your stuck places.
Yes, this being mortal can feel constricting:
our bodies full of density keeping us material;
our minds full of beliefs keeping us small.

And yet, see how the light shifts to change perception
and the wind moves to transport attention.
We, too, are not one thing trapped inside itself.
We are fluid shape-shifters made up of living cells
breathing themselves awake through the vehicles of our emergence.

We are a human dance between the realms of what’s here and what’s becoming.
We are a living bridge between what’s known and what’s beckoning us forward.

Come walk with me
through the threshold of your entrapment
to peer into the abyss
of the all within the all.

And if you see your own face
shining back at you,
know that you are not alone.


Alia Yarrow, 2018

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