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We strive to offer services that support collective evolution through individual healing and community empowerment. We are currently in the process of weaving together the diverse threads of our backgrounds and experiences into a tapestry of meaningful offerings. Below are a few of the offerings that we have developed so far, and please continue to check back here as our offerings continue to evolve and grow over time. Thanks for joining us along this unfolding journey!

SoulRooted Counseling 

Soul Rooted Counseling (SRC) is an approach to healing that sees each of us as having a unique essence, or soul, that is like the seed of our true being striving to express itself through us like a flower in bloom. Just like an actual seed, our soul requires the conditions of our life to offer an environment of safety, warmth, light, and wholesome nutrients, in order to move from survival to blossoming.

I strive to offer my loving presence and extensive healing background to the cultivation of the seed within you, by helping you build an internal & external landscape that can support the sprouting of the seed that lies dormant within you. To do this, I can help you recognize your unique soul gifts, address past wounds that are keeping you locked in past stories and limiting beliefs, identify the deepest values that root you to this earth, and allow your highest calling to serve as the eternal sun illuminating your sacred path that is calling you forward one step at a time.

Personal Evolutionary Astrology Readings

Astrology is an ancient science of self knowledge past down over thousands of years and grown out of delecate observation, curisoity and experimentation. Astrology if used properly can serve to assist an individual and the collective in understanding the nature of the times and the evolutionary invitation of the moment. A persons astrological chart serves as a mirror of their own unqiuness, challenges, gifts and soul evolutionary impulses and if used correctly becomes a deeply empowering and affirmative tool that seeks to guide us more deeply into the unique life that is ours life. 

We offer personal chart reading sessions where we highlight major archetypal themes, powerful gifts waiting to be honored, challenges asking to be faced and the deep evoluionary intent of the soul itself. These sessions are designed to be life transformational and a doorway into a world of self discovery few ever enter. This offering is rooted in deep self practice where we use astrology to navigate the currents of life with more grace, courage and strength. This is not a predict your future, or discover a past life type of reading, this is an arrival to moment a yes saying to the life that is here now waiting to be fully lived. 

Soulcentered Counseling

Nature Immersion & Vision Fasting

Personal Astrology Sessions

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