Join us on this Scorpio New Moon for a deep-dive conversation about the nature of the times through the lens of astrology. Astrology is an ancient science that can help us live into fuller alignment and harmony in our personal and collective lives. At SEEDS we utilize an evolutionary astrology perspective, in order to explore what the cosmos is mirroring back as invitations for personal and collective growth and development on earth. We are living in unprecedented times, with fear and uncertainty rampant across the collective landscape. Because of this, we feel that it’s more important than ever to remember and uplift the ancient tools and practices that have supported peoples across time and place to make sense of their personal and collective lives. In our personal lives, we have found astrology to be one such tool, and so it feels right to begin humbly sharing what we have been learning as students of this ancient science with others who might benefit from this framework. We hope that this video and perspective will resonate and support you along your unfolding path. This Scorpio New Moon invites each of us to look below the surface to uncover what wounds are being asked to be revealed for greater emotional healing and integration. In doing so, there is an opportunity for increased individual authenticity, deepened meaningful connection with others, and the emotional capacity to allow old structures to transform into ones that can better stand the test of time because of their alignment with the universal laws of nature. May we each have the courage to uncover our individual and collective shadows, in order to allow the sting of past wounding and injustice to transform into the gift of new emergent possibilities. Thank you for joining us along our unfolding journey! We’re grateful to be connected to you as we explore the nature of the times and what is being asked of each of us to honor the gift of life now and into the future.

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