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SEEDS is not aligned with our current economic model, which in many instances supports a scarcity mindset, competition, extraction, consumption, exploitation, and a culture of commodification. We aspire to move increasingly toward alternative systems of value-exchange that create radical inclusivity and access for all, such as localized trade and gift economies. Although this is the vision pulling us forward, we recognize that we are still in the humbling process of learning how to support ourselves materially while our visions take root and sprout in ways that can support us over time.  

Because of this, the handmade products listed below are set at prices that we intend to be in right exchange for the cost of materials and the human time and efforts put into making them. Although these are listed as fixed prices, please be in touch with us if you feel very drawn to an item to purchase it at is asking price. We are always open to creative trade or exchange ideas!

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