It can be so easy for all of us to forget that life is such an immense blessing and gift. Amidst the rapid pace of modern life and the perpetual crises of our times, it can be difficult to remember what an opportunity it is to be alive in a material body, nourished by the generous Earth, and interconnected with fellow humans as well as life in all forms.

I’m grateful to be enrolled in Charles Eisenstein’s latest course, Living the Gift to help me make intentional time and space to remember and live into the gift of life. This course offers the spaciousness and guidance to support us all to make personal and collective movement from an era of separation and scarcity to an era of abundance and interconnection. In Eisenstein’s own words to describe the course:

“To inhabit more fully the spirit of Gift is to transform life within us and around us. It is a journey of trust, an exploration of synchronicity, a recalibrating of boundaries, a step into community, a discovery of purpose, and an invitation to friendship with the world.

This course is an induction into the habits and perceptions of the Gift. Everything is on the table: economic and social, psychological and relational, spiritual and cosmological. While money (its presence in our lives and minds) will be an important theme, the course goes far beyond New Age doctrines of abundance, because ultimately, no one wants merely to prosper personally within an unjust system. We can do better than that!

We will see the power that comes from developing the foundational understanding that life is a gift, that the world is a gift, and that the cosmos operates on the principles of gift.

It is my most ambitious online course to date, a 3-month journey of recorded material, live sessions, interviews, stories, discussion, and what I am calling “seed questions” for meditation and practice. It can be done in real time, or in self-guided form if you join later.”

This is a donation-based and open-enrollment course (pay what you can and join at any point to access the materials). I hope you’ll join me and others on this learning journey!

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