Geoff Lawton, possibly the world’s premier permaculture designer and teacher, just launched his 2019 online Permaculture Design Course (PDC)! We are very excited about this opportunity to learn from one of the world’s best permaculture teachers over the next 28 weeks. This year he decided to completely revamp his online course and provide entirely new content. One compelling aspect of this course is its multimedia approach to instruction: documentary-style videos, downloadable pdfs, chalkboard teaching sessions, group comment boards, and live question & answer sessions.

We at SEEDS have felt strongly drawn to permaculture and its many applications as an ethical design system for positive change, and have been looking for the right PDC course to dive deeper into the topic. This online PDC option solved the many logistical barriers (i.e. schedules, geographical location, and cost) we confronted when researching in-person PDC trainings offered in 2019.  We hope to use this learning opportunity to dive deeply into the conceptual world of permaculture, and through deeper understanding, have it percolate into every area of our lives. We see the permaculture ethics & principles as universal truths that can be applied to all areas of life at all scales to help create resilience, integration, diversity, adaption, and balanced growth/development, which are all major values of SEEDS. So join us on this learning adventure or simply go check-out his webpage where you will find tons of free content of incredible valuable content!

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