Holistic Community Development


Sprouting The Ecocentric World

We are at a moment in time in which many of us are feeling called to be in deeper connection with others as part of a meaningful community of healing and empowerment. The question now becomes: How do we grow communities that will stand the test of time and that are rooted in ecocentric values? How do we transition from the egocentric world of the present to a mutually collaborative ecocentric world of the future? 

Growing Community

Many are asking, what makes a community last over time? What allows a community to clarify their shared values, make decisions together, repair harm when it inevitably occurs, and create rituals and celebrations for honoring and supporting the psycho-spiritual development of its community members?

     Although community development practices have looked different across time and culture depending upon bioregion and spiritual orientation, certain basic principles of practice have remained consistent across place and culture. Two areas of community life that have been shaped by such timeless guiding principles have been a shared understanding of the process of collective decision-making and conflict resolution (in order to harmoniously take action and resolve interpersonal conflict) as well as shared rituals and celebrations (in order to support the psycho-spiritual development of individuals as well as build regenerative culture within the community as a whole). These universal community practices simultaneously support the maturation of the individual and the cohesiveness of the group as a whole, which results in the health, alignment, and resiliency of its individual members and the whole system.

We are excited to partner with groups and communities who are ready to deepen their shared practices of collective decision-making, conflict resolution, community values identification, and community ritual practices. We look forward to hearing how we might be able to support your community to meet the unique challenges and opportunities you find yourself facing wherever you are in your process of development. At SEEDS, we honor the transformative power that groups and localized communities have in promoting healing, justice, and change at all levels of experience and impact. We look forward to working with you!

Our Approach & Relevant Training Background:

SEEDS acknowledges that the true teacher of holistic community development is the earth itself; with its endless examples of beautifully diverse, balanced, and wildly expressive community ecosystems. We may simply need to remember how to participate in wild ecosystems with an observant mind and receptive heart, and from this place of receptivity, engagement, and observation the earth itself can guide each of us and the communities we participate in towards re-connection and harmony. It’s our deep intuition & wild imagination that must be re-awakened to allow the dream of the earth to move through us once again.

That being said, there are core practices that can be shared, containers that can be created, and ceremonies that can be enacted that can amplify the potential of the earth to help heal our fractured and fragmented parts, as well as to build solid foundations for innovation, discovery, and reconnection that weaves us harmoniously into the Anima Mundi (Soul of the Earth) so that we can re-waken our co-creative life generating potential as conscious actors within the earth’s own evolutionary process.

Sociocracy Collective Decision-Making

SEEDS is trained in Sociocracy, which is a whole-systems egalitarian decision-making model. We can facilitate and/or train your group in the process of Sociocracy, in order to support your group to make decisions in a way that significantly increases harmony and efficacy.

Restorative Justice Conflict Mediation

Alia is trained as a Restorative Justice Circle-Keeper, which is a transformative justice approach that repairs harm by identifying needs and strengthening relationships. We can facilitate and/or train your group in the process of Restorative Justice, in order to support your group to have practices and protocols to draw upon when harm occurs.

Nature-Based Ceremonial Guidance

Hayden and Alia are trained as Nature-Based Soul Guides, which equips us with a broad view of the ceremonial components needed to build meaningful rituals and celebrations in deep relationship with place. We can facilitate and/or train your group in the process of designing rituals that can help further the psycho-spiritual development of individuals within your group, in order to build a regenerative culture sourced from place.

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This moment in time, that we have created for ourselves, is necessitating human collaboration on a global scale never seen before, a rapid collective re-valuation/maturation/phase-shift that will have to have the capacity to bridge the divide between even the most hostile of identities. 

- Hayden Shaw (SEEDS Co-founder)

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