Join us for a conversational practice that is experimental and emergent, in which we intentionally invite spontaneity to arise between us through an open-form dialogue that honors whatever is alive in our hearts and minds, informed by the spirit of the times, without prior planning or preparation.

In this emergent dialogue, we explore themes of how to collectively let 2020 rest in peace so that we can step well into 2021, the necessity of processing collective trauma in order to support collective healing, how the instinctual animal body within us can sense the dire circumstances that we find ourselves in within the human and ecological landscape, the gift that our emotions can play as guides for fuller alignment, the importance of coming into the truth of what is and where we are in order to orient toward where we hope to be going, the call to integrate the head and the heart, and ultimately, the invitation to take our place as conscious agents of the evolutionary impulse of the earth as it lives through us. Thank you for joining us for this emergent dialogue! If you resonate with our work, please reach out or follow along with our project at to find out more about our vision and aspirations. Blessings!SHOW LESS

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