Join us for our third podcast focused on the challenges and joys of allowing life to live through each of us! As we embark on a time of change and transition, we take the time to reflect upon what conditions help us move toward authentic self-exploration and expression, even in the face of the unknown path. In this episode, we discuss the barriers that can keep us from heeding the internal voice within each of us that beckons us forward along our unique paths on this earth, as well as the relief that can come from choosing to walk directly into the unknown when that is being asked of us. We explore the importance of intention, practices of presence, and cultivating the capacity to hold both the light and darkness inherent in emerging processes on the spiritual and material planes. We come to the realization that what we are in fact discussing is the practice of allowing life to live through us so that we can continue to unfold into our own unique expressions. It is only through cultivating and celebrating our unique expression of life that we are able to begin to offer the soul gifts that we are all here to sow and harvest for ourselves, our loves ones, and all living beings.

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