Synchronistically, a beautiful offering of visionary activism is coming to Cusco, Peru that we are honored to be able to participate in while in the area!  The soulful songstresses Rising Appalachia are collaborating with the renowned permaculturalist Penny Livingston to bring together an inspired multi-day event that weaves together musical activism, regenerative design, and indigenous stewardship.  This visionary collaboration is organized by the small non-profit group called Reviveolution, which seeks to bridge indigenous wisdom in the modern world through experiential education, Earth stewardship, and intercultural exchange.

Yesterday, we had the unique opportunity to participate in an intimate pre-show fire & coca ceremony with meastro elders of the Q’ero Nation of Peru, who are known as the last living descendants of the Inka bloodline and wisdom-keepers of the living traditions of Peru.  We convened as a small group at a mountain location with these indigenous elders, led by Juan Gabriel Apaza Lonasco, in order to be guided in earth-based practices to honor Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the Apus (mountain guardians), and to set individual and collective prayers and intentions for ourselves and for the wider community and lands that will be impacted by these events.

Yesterday’s morning ceremony was followed by a traditional shared group lunch called “Aptapi” of native potatoes, tubers, corn, and other traditional foods of the region.  After lunch, the acclaimed Penny Livingston led a workshop drawing upon her decades of experience as a permaculturalist & designer, in which she provided a hands-on demonstration on how we can each create a grey-water system in our homes to clean the waterways through bioremediation.  This afternoon workshop was part of a longer 10-day permaculture immersion that Penny Livingston is collaboratively offering, in which participants will have the chance to learn side-by-side with indigenous Peruvian farmers about how to apply permaculture teachings to real life challenges and opportunities in their particular bio-region.

And tonight we get to go to a show with purpose!  We’re excited to dance to the visionary artistic expression of Rising Appalachia, while knowing that all proceeds from the concert will support a rural Peruvian village to transition from chemical to organic and regenerative farming.  We feel blessed to be able to take part in these inspired, collaborative, visionary offerings that provide a deeper connection to the ancient lineage of this place while also facilitating meaningful connections with others who see the potent intersections of artistic expression and ecocentric envisioning.  These offerings are another step toward building a world that is filled with music, dance, ceremony, abundance, healing, and intercultural fellowship.

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