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Soul Rooted Therapist & Facilitator

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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Wilderness Therapy Soul Guide
  • Restorative Justice Group Facilitator
  • Reiki Level-Two Healing Practitioner

Soul Rooted Online Counseling

Join me as I weave together my diverse background to serve as a guide and ally along your path to fuller expression, deeper meaning, and larger possibilities. Drawing upon my training as a licensed therapist, wilderness soul guide, community facilitator, and novice energy healer, I am offering you the time and space to feel seen, heard, valued, and deeply supported wherever you are along your journey of healing and actualization. These counseling sessions will be held online for ease and convenience. I’m so glad you found me!

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Are You Hearing the Call?

We Live in Unprecedented Times.

Things within and without are changing quickly. Many of us may be feeling alone and uncertain about what lies ahead. I believe we’re in a moment of immense crisis but also one of immense opportunity. Are you ready to answer the call?

I believe that each of us has a unique role to play in these times of change and reorientation toward what truly matters. I believe that when we come to know and heal ourselves deeply, we can then build a rooted life of deeper meaning, larger purpose, and boundless gratitude.

Are you ready to answer the call toward a more authentic and purposeful life?

Are you seeking an accountability partner to help you stay committed to your true path?

Is it time to heal past wounds and let go of old ways of being that no longer serve you?

Are you ready to build up your confidence and empower yourself to take on your own life?

Life Purpose Discovery

Do you yearn to lead a meaningful and purposeful life? Is your day-to-day life lacking the vibrancy that you know it could have? Is something calling you forward but you don’t know what it is or how to step toward it?

I believe that each of us has a purpose to live into that fulfills us personally while also supporting the well-being of our loved ones and the world at large. We are part of an interconnected web of life and so it makes sense that all beings would be happier and healthier when we are thriving individually. I draw upon narrative therapy, somatic practices, earth-based wisdom, and expressive arts to help you uncover and embody your true calling.

Intimacy and Partnership Support

Does your heart ache for deeper love and closer connection? Are you seeking or trying to build a partnership that truly nourishes you and supports your healing, rather than detracts or competes with it? Do you have a sense that more intimacy is not only possible, but is actively calling you forward?

Humans are deeply relational beings, called to deep and transformative love. I weave together my background in attachment theory, mindfulness practices, somatic awareness, restorative justice, and earth-based ritual to support you in cultivating relationships built upon the solid foundation of deep love, self-respect, and authentic interpersonal exchange.

Resiliency and Capacity-Building

Are you ready to feel more solid ground and peace within yourself? Are you trying to treat yourself with more self-love and unconditional acceptance? Are you working to heal past traumas and whole yourself from past wounds?

These efforts of personal healing and wholing are foundational to cultivating internal resilience and capacity. When we begin with healing ourselves, we are able to then offer more of ourselves to our loved ones and the world at large without it depleting our own emotional reserves. When we come from a place of internal resilience and capacity, we’re able to ride the waves of external change with less reactivity and resistance because we can always return to the solid ground we’ve built within.

Integration Therapy

Have you had a life-altering experience that you haven’t fully processed yet? Be it a trauma, the death of a loved one, a separation, a wilderness ceremony, a psychedelic journey, or a near-death experience, such potent experiences in life must be fully processed in order to harvest the full lessons, strengths, and ultimately gifts. 

I want to be a collaborative partner with you in processing and making meaning of these past experiences. By utilizing a trauma-informed therapeutic approach that combines integration tools from soul guiding and reauthoring practices from narrative therapy, I can help you reveal the deeper meanings found hidden in even your most traumatic stories and experiences of being human.

What is Soul Rooted Counseling?

Soul Rooted Counseling (SRC) is an approach to healing that sees each of us as having a unique essence, or soul, that is like the seed of our true being striving to express itself through us like a flower in bloom. Just like an actual seed, our soul requires the conditions of our life to offer an environment of safety, warmth, light, and wholesome nutrients, in order to move from survival to blossoming.

I strive to offer my loving presence and extensive healing background to the cultivation of the seed within you, by helping you build an internal & external landscape that can support the sprouting of the seed that lies dormant within you. To do this, I can help you recognize your unique soul gifts, address past wounds that are keeping you locked in past stories and limiting beliefs, identify the deepest values that root you to this earth, and allow your highest calling to serve as the eternal sun illuminating your sacred path that is calling you forward one step at a time.

Online counseling sessions for ease and convenience

I provide online counseling sessions so that you can say yes to working together, even in this moment of social distancing. This allows us to “meet” together from the comfort of your home or during a break in your workday. It is my hope that our healing work together can add immediate value to your life rather than cause additional complication or stress. Because I use HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing technology for our sessions, you can rest assured that your private information will remain safe and confidential.

Free discovery call to see if working together is a good fit

I offer an initial 20-minute discovery session free of charge to all new clients, in order to make sure that all questions have been answered and that we both feel good about beginning to enter into a healing partnership together. This initial discovery session offers us the chance to have our first contact with one another via secure video-conferencing or over the phone. I look forward to connecting with you in this way, without any expectation or obligation, in order to explore the possibility of working together.

Online appointments for easy scheduling and cancellations

I understand that life can be busy and that things can change! That’s why it’s important to me to make scheduling our time together as simple and flexible as possible. My online calendar allows you to schedule an appointment with me at your convenience, as well as to cancel an existing appointment up to 48 hours beforehand. I hope that this platform provides ease and flexibility in your life!

Sliding scale rate to meet your financial needs

Because I am not in alignment with our current economic model, which often contributes to hierarchy, competition, and exploitation of people and our planet, I offer a sliding scale rate for my counseling services in order to offer myself to a wider range of people who may not otherwise feel able to access this type of healing support. My sliding scale rates can be found in my online calendar under each service. Please reach out to me directly if you are interested in working together but do not feel able to fit within the sliding scale range that I offer.

HIPAA-Compliant technology use

 We live in a time when our private information is not always kept private, and so I want to be clear with you that I will only use HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing and data storage technologies when conducting or documenting our work together. This is especially important to me because in order to do truly healing work together, we must trust that we are safe and that our most sensitive information won’t be used in a way that we didn’t intend or consent to. 

To be extra mindful, I also use an encrypted email address (soulrooted@protonmail.com) and encrypted phone number (434-218-0731) to make sure that I am doing everything in my power to respect and maintain the privacy of your personal information. 

My Story...

I was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where I spent my earliest years getting lost in the woods with my three brothers and sister. I experienced a deep sense of wild belonging, both from the wild land I called home and the wild family who loved me deeply and instilled core values of who I am today. My reality was shattered when we moved to the city when I was six years old and I started going to school and interacting with society, which exposed me for the first time to the pain and disconnection, stress and competition so common in our mainstream society and world. From these early childhood experiences of entering society as an outsider, I became aware of what it can be like to be an outsider and to feel the pain of a world out of balance. These experiences led me to work toward justice from a very young age, trying to bring more safety and belonging to my middle school and then high school. 

My commitment to social justice deepened in college, when I began to study sociology, politics, anthropology, and gender and women’s studies. These fields of study opened up my world to the systems in place that perpetuate injustice and create hierarchy and separation between people and groups. I went to UC Berkeley for graduate school to study holistic mental and emotional health. After graduate school, I worked for several years providing therapy to some of California’s most vulnerable youth and families and became licensed as a therapist. In 2018, I left my career in CA to begin my own grassroots healing justice project, S.E.E.D.S., whose primary mission is to support collective evolution to a life-sustaining world. The last two years have been filled with deep learning, growth, adventure, healing, and empowerment. I feel blessed to be exactly where I am in my life, humbly weaving together the diverse threads of my past into what I pray will be a meaningful offering for my people. My people are all those who feel the seed of possibility sprouting in their hearts and minds, calling them forward toward a new life and world far more beautiful than we can fully imagine.


“I have been waiting for this. Working with Alia was an answer to my prayers.”

“I am so grateful to have discovered a modality that is congruent with my ongoing empowerment, regeneration and grounded lived experience

“I feel like an entirely changed person.”

My Approach to Healing

Holistic Approach to Wellness

I will support your healing journey from a whole-person perspective that acknowledges the mind-body connection. I will help you reflect upon both internal and external causes for your suffering and empowerment, helping you identify and take steps in your life that create more internal peace, well-being, and a values-aligned life.

Strengths-based Empowerment

I will act as a mirror that can help you see and know yourself more fully, including the unique gifts and unacknowledged strengths that you may often overlook in yourself. I will celebrate your efforts and help you map out steps in your life that can lead to building more and more confidence, ease, and empowerment.

Trauma-informed Care

I will always use a trauma-informed lens to support healing & wholing. If not held within a strong and loving container, the very act of processing past trauma can itself cause harm. Because of this, I will use a gentle and attuned approach to assist you in exploring past wounds so that integration and healing are possible.

Tell Your Story. Whole Yourself. Uncover Your Gifts. Take a Risk for Healing!

I believe that holistic counseling can support profound healing by offering the time and space to engage in the essential tasks of untangling unhealthy patterns of limiting beliefs and harmful actions, orienting toward one’s internal compass of core values and wisdom, identifying the next steps of bringing vision into form, cultivating deep self-love and radical self-acceptance, and having the bravery to shine light on the internal shadows that are ready to be integrated into a more healed and whole sense of self.

As a healing practitioner, I believe in the power of partnering with you in this work, in order to collaboratively uncover your core gifts, honor your most tender wounds, build a life rooted in your soul values, and decide together how best to draw upon the wide-ranging tools and practices that I am equipped with to respond to your soul’s call for deeper meaning and larger purpose. 

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