Join us for our first episode of SEEDS radio!  We’ll discuss cataclysmic trauma theory, a home-grown hypothesis that explores the potential lasting impacts from a known cataclysmic event on our globe approximately 12,800 years ago.  This is a deep dive into some of our favorite SEEDS questions, such as how did we get here collectively and what do we need to heal?  We specifically explore the following questions related to the potential impact of this cataclysmic event: What might be the biological and psychological toll of such an event?  How might this event have impacted us individually and collectively?  How might this event have moved us toward beliefs of scarcity, competition, and deep-seated anxiety, which we continue to see dominating mainstream culture today?  What practices are needed to heal our disrupted relationship from the earth as a trustworthy mother and an abundant source of life?  Join us on this thought experiment!

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