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SEEDS offers unique and life-changing astrology readings rooted in our ecocentric evolutionary perspective. We draw on the evolutionary astrology tradition laid out by Jeffery Wolf Green that focuses on using the ancient science of astrology to identify the evolutionary path of the soul. Through this specific modality, we can bring more clarity to one’s soul gifts, help identify obstacles, patterns, and challenges that are seeking to be seen and integrated, and provide deeply affirming guidance wherever one is along their unfolding path. Alia and Hayden bring years of counseling and therapeutic practice, nature-based soul guiding, eco-depth psychological study, and a revolutionary vision of what’s truly possible for humanity. Their ecocentric soul-rooted personal development philosophy understands that each individual is an emergent property of relationship – life awakened to life inside life here to serve the evolutionary unfoldment of life into the future through discovering, cultivating, tending and growing the innate seed that is your unique soul/offering/niche waiting to be grown into the world for the evolution of life itself. All our work at SEEDS roots itself in our ecocentric perspective and serves the function to re-weave us back into relationship with our own true nature, deep soul-rooted meaning, and life itself.

Reading Details

This astrology reading is held confidentially over Zoom with both Hayden and Alia and will last approximately 75 minutes. We are happy to send you a recording of the live call for your continued reflection and growth after our time together.

We offer this service on a sliding scale from $88-111 but we’re open to hearing from you if you’re interested in this offering but unable to pay an amount within that range or you’d like to suggest an alternative means of exchange. Please reach out to if you have any more questions we can answer for you.

More about Astrology

Astrology is an ancient science that has its roots deep into antiquity. It is well-documented that the societies of our past that were particularly innovative, creative, and healthy drew heavily upon astrological understanding as a foundational tool for their self-knowledge and collective insight. Many of our most famous thinkers and innovators throughout history have used astrology as a key tool for unlocking their latent gifts and aligning themselves with the spirit of the times for greater coherence. Through personal exploration and much research, it has become glaringly obvious that astrology as a science of self-knowledge and a teacher of the cycles of nature is an invaluable tool for modern humans in this time of great transition. Wether you are new to astrology or have a well-established practice, we intend for these readings to provide new and powerful insights for your continued soul development and sense-making in these pivotal times when so much is being asked of each of us.

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