Join us in making sense of these revolutionary times through the ancient science of astrology. We are self-taught in the school of evolutionary astrology, which views the archetypal energies and dynamics of the celestial bodies of our solar system to reveal certain dynamic challenges and opportunities of the ever-changing collective moment. Through understanding and aligning ourselves more fully with these cosmic energies, we are able to move into more harmony with the unfolding story of the universe.

In this video, we reconceive of what Mercury Retrograde may mean in our fast-paced lives and we honor the transformative power of love as Venus moves into Aquarius. Our intention with these videos is to share the meaning that we are making in these pivotal times. Whether you are new to astrology or have a well-established practice, we welcome you to sit with us in this exploratory landscape of what it means to be humans in these unprecedented times of immense change and transformation.

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