Welcome to the (gregorian) new year!  To ring in the new year a few days ago, my family and close friends chose to be guided by the extraordinary Adrienne Maree Brown through a spell casting practice, as shared through the healing justice podcast.  This practice supported us to set an intentional and sacred container as we transitioned individually and collectively from 2018 to 2019.

This practice supports the listener to explore what you’re letting go of and what lessons you’re carrying forward, to acknowledge the power you’re already standing in and what you want to continue leaning into, and to commit to what you’re going to practice in the coming year to promote individual and collective liberation.

To engage in this practice, you’ll need 30-90 minutes, a clear space, something to write on and with, and an open and accessible heart and spirit.  Please share your spells or experience below if you’re inspired to do so!

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